Whatever you want to do with a Mobility Scooter, we can help; we work with 12 different manufactures so if you are looking to buy or hire a machine, give us a call! We have agents based throughout the UK giving you the chance to have any servicing needs dealt with close to home.

The Mobility Scooter Co has a large range of Mobility Scooters
The manufacturers we use are Days Healthcare Scooters; Drive Medical Meditech; Electric Mobility Scooters; Freerider Scooters; Handicare Scooters; Invacare Scooters; Kymco Scooters; One Rehab; Pride Mobility Ltd; Roma Medical; Sunrise Medical Scooters and TGA Mobility Scooters.

Scooters come in many shapes and sizes such as 3 or 4 wheels; then there is the speed to consider; 4 mph, 6 mph and 8 mph scooters. Some fold away and fit into cars while others are extremely large. The Mobility Scooter Co will only supply you a scooter that matches your needs and size.

To make life easier for you, each Mobility Scooter can be found under the manufactures pages or via the search box.